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Zamphyr is a next-gen educational platform where you can learn about technology for free from combined human knowledge.
We crowdsource material to make a universally available school for humanity.

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What is Zamphyr

Platform that changes everything ⸗ School 2.0

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Theory is the basis of knowledge, but employers are looking for skills, too. Learn about development by participating in opensource projects, and create a strong portfolio. You'll be creating cool and useful things during our courses.



We enable open source and crowdsourced material to make a universally available school. We're the next generation school where everyone can contribute, and everyone can learn to code, design and more, for free.

Individualni smerovi


Learn through our internet platform, whenever you wish. All you need is a mobile phone/PC, and a stable internet connection. Forget about waking up early, studying all day and unreliable, expensive courses. Learn whenever, wherever!



We use our intelligent machine friends to tailor the learning experience and job seeking experience for every student. That means that we'll find out what you want, and we'll help you achieve your goals.


In your language

Learn on your native language! Our mission is borderless education. The community puts a lot of effort into creating the best learning material in the world, so you can learn and understand on a much deeper level.

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You'll become a part of our growing team. Chat with students, experts, programmers, designers and mentors, anytime you wish. We'll always be glad to help you with lectures and projects.

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No heartbreak

We're here to change the world by providing free online, borderless education to the world. That means, free as in beer and free as in freedom. Materials will always be and stay open. That means – equal chances for everyone.

Individualni smerovi


Our benevolent overlords... No, wait. We created bots and data-driven algorithms to help us run the School 2.0 for humanity and build a global school. Using machines we redefine what integration means and how we connect with students.

We're on a mission to rethink education

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Our success stories

Isidora Milovanov
now a PR specialist

Zamphyr's platform is well made, well thought out and teaches you about technology with simple lessons and examples. One of the best features is that you can communicate with the whole community.
Radio Televizija Srbije

Radio Television of Serbia
Public broadcaster

Zamphyr is practically a beginning of a new format of education, an agile, technocratic and a personalized education.
Programmers teach future programmers, RTS
Nikola Isakov

Nikola Isakov
now a Front-end engineer

This platform is better than any course because you can learn wherever and whenever, you're not limited to a certain curriculum and the school adapts to you. Zamphyr gives you the knowledge to build a career for free.